Childsplay Models - Fact or Fiction
Childsplay Models - Fact or Fiction
It has come to our attention that certain individuals are placing untrue views and facts with regard to Child Model Agencies and these myths are posted on some discussion websites by uninformed parties with little knowledge of how child model agencies work and is a generalisation of how they believe some child model agencies work and have named Childsplay Models as being associated with certain other agencies, which simply isn’t the case.

Firstly Childsplay Models is not associated in any way with any other model agency and certainly none of the agencies called Allsorts. Childsplay Models are, however, associated with a design and photographic team called Allsorts Design who produce high quality photographs of children should they be required.

TOP TEN True Facts:
Childsplay Models is regulated by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills
Childsplay Models have provided models to the Industry for 40 years
Childsplay Models was one of the first six child model agencies in the UK
Childsplay Models was a founding member of the Child Artists Association
Childsplay Models give FREE advice to prospective models
Childsplay Models always meet parents and models before signing up
Childsplay Models DO NOT put images of children on their website to be viewed by just anybody
Childsplay Models only deal with reputable casting directors, advertising agencies, producers and photographers
Childsplay Models currently DO have children working in top TV shows - click here to see the latest piece on Downton Abbey
Childsplay Models are always licenced by their local authoritywhen they undertake work

Some of the incorrect and untrue views stated on websites and forums:

It is against the law for a model agency to charge fees/reputable model agencies don't charge fees.
This is untrue as under the regulations from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills they do allow model agencies to charge production costs for promotional materials.

Childsplay charge £250 a year to represent your child.
This is untrue as Childsplay Models charge a £190 Catalogue Production Fee for a TWO YEAR contract. For this your child appears in a minimum of four electronic model catalogues distributed to top casting directors, a charge of just 26p a day.

Children should be guaranteed work by a model agency.
No model agency can guarantee work for their models. It is not the agency who picks who works but the agency's client.

Childsplay charge £100’s of pounds for photographs.

This is untrue as Childsplay Models will accept good quality photographs from prospective models, however if required, they will supply a full photographic shoot in the studio of high resolution digital photographs, retouched and supplied on CD for only £80.If your child is under three years old when you join we will also take update photographs free of charge.Unfortunately there are many photographic companies who dress themselves up as model agencies who do charge many hundreds of pounds for taking a few photographs.

No Model Agency Charges for test shots
This is misinformed. An agency will not charge to take a Polaroid photo, however many child model agency's may undertake a test shoot to see how a child reacts in front of the camera. This is essential for guaging whether a child is confident enough to undertake modelling, acting or performance work. The biggest complaint we hear from casting directors is that unsuitable children are sent along to auditions. This is due to agencies not meeting and photographing the child models they give contracts to. Remember photographers do not work for free and need to be paid for their time. Childsplay Models charge £35 for 10-12 photos of high quality which are always given to the Parents to keep.

Please remember that if you have any question with regard to Childsplay Models or child modeling in general please call us for FREE impartial advice.

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